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In EXIMS Consulting you have the possibility to get the language packs in  English, German, French and Turkish  and also courses  in marketing related subjects. The courses can be given individually or also  in small groups. The arrangement of the small groups can be made also by clients itself , who would like  tailor-made packs according to their needs.

For places far from our company , we have made a renovation and started to give our courses over internet. These courses are given online in a virtual classroom where the participants have to be present during the hours of the courses.Please get in touch with us  for an initial meeting.


For clients who intend to work with foreign companies, but  have lack of the language  or  knowledge in marketing conditions of that country, we prepared  our  language and marketing education packs.

We don't only advice  you how to do it better, we also put you  in a position where you are going to be able to solve your language and marketing  problems by yourself. We integrate you to the solution.