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Foreign investors are welcomed  to participate in all kinds of businesses. Imports and exports are unrestricted and exchange control is limited to certain formalities. Foreign investors may invest through authorized banks, investment funds and organizations in Türkiye. Real estate can be bought by foreign investment companies and, within municipal limits, by individuals.
Türkiye is among the 20 biggest economies in the world. Furthermore, it is an unsaturated market in almost every category of consumption goods, ranging from fast moving consumer goods to high technology products. It  is a dynamic emerging market equipped with a network of developed infrastructure and a globally competitive work force.
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We operate in international area  and  Türkiye is one our expertised area.We offer you  different kind of possibilities in cooperation with the turkish companies.

Türkiye is a transcontinental  eurasian country that is located between Europa and Asia.

It is a country that  is built  on old and rich history, at the same time is a member of modern world. Türkiye  represents a cultural mixture, a synthesis of east and west, while it geographically bridges Europe and Asia.